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Artificial Silk Hydrangeas Flowers 5 Pcs

Includes ~ 5 Pcs. hydrangea flowers with long stems and 2 large leaves on each.

Artificial Phalaenopsis Orchids Flowers with White Glass Vase

Measurements: Artificial orchid flower arrangement size: 17” high; Pot Size: 4” cube.

Artificial Lavender Flowers, 4 Bundles

MEASUREMENT AND DETAILS ~ Total length is approx. 14.57”. Comes with 4 bunches, 5 stems in each bunch, 5 flowers on each stem.

Artificial Bell Leaves Shrubs, 4 Bundles

Dimensions: Each 15” bush consists of 7 big branches, with 5 twigs on each branch, bringing it to a total of 35 twigs.